SD 50
Automatic Washer-disinfector for transoesophagic probes
Clean and Disinfect your TEE probe in complete safety
• Patient security: 
The washer automatically regulates the duration and temperature of the wash as well as the strength of the disinfectant. 
The probe is cleaned and disinfected and the reprocessing is documented with a traceability ticket. 

• Probe security: 
The length of time to which the probe is exposed to detergents and disinfectants is controlled. A continuous electric isolation test is performed during the process to control TEE leakage.  
Your TEE probe is preserved. 

• Technician security: 
Technicians have no need to handle toxic products or irritants and therefore work under improved conditions 

HYGIETRONIC presents an automatic washer disinfector for transoesophagic probes TEE.

SD 50 is a brand new washer disinfector dedicated to TEE probes. Until now, probes have generally been washed and disinfected manually and with no real traceability. HYGIETRONIC’s washer will therefore revolutionise the reprocessing of this echocardiography probe.
The product is founded on 3 pillars:
Patient security 
The process is extremely thorough, composed of a detergent phase and a disinfectant phase. 
The efficiency of the disinfectant phase is achieved through the strength, contact time and temperature of the disinfectant. 

 The automatic washer cleans twice with a detergent then disinfects using peracetic acid (Glutaraldehyde on demand). 

 A robot controls the different phases and ensures an optimum washing and disinfecting process. 

 The SD 50 sets the time, concentration and temperature for cleaning and disinfection. The probe is cleaned and disinfected, with the system’s on-board printer providing a traceability ticket after each cycle. 

Installation requires only a power source, cold and hot water and a connection to a drain. 
SD 50 is equipped with 4 wheels and can easily be moved. Water quality is controlled by a supplied filtration kit. 
The probe is introduced into the cylinder and the connector is placed on the electric control module. 
The washing/ disinfecting cycle is selected on the control board and the cycle is launched automatically. 
Pre washing and washing phases guarantee the probe’s detergence. 
The disinfection phase uses peracetic acid to reach a high level of disinfection. 
The cycle is completed in 38 minutes, the probe can be reused immediately. 
In some countries aldehydes are prohibited because of mutagen toxicity and biofilm generation however SD 50 has also been validated with Glutaraldehyde in case of TEE incompatibility or specific recommendations 
SD 50 is CE MDD Class IIB Marked and has been validated following the ISO 15883-4 Standard 

Probe security 
The length of time to which the probe is exposed to detergent and disinfectant products is rigidly controlled. 

Once the cycle has been completed the probe can remain in the cylinder with no risk. 

A continuous electric isolation test is performed during the process to control TEE leakage.  

 The handling control and the connector cannot be accidentally immersed into the bath. 
The probe is protected. 

Technician security 
Cans of disinfectant and detergent are placed at the low rear section behind a closed door so it is no longer necessary for personnel to handle chemicals.

After each phase waste liquids are sent directly to the drain. (Single Wash). Both the detergent and the peracetic acid are biodegradable and do not produce toxic residues.

The washer does not create toxic fumes. 
Working conditions for technicians are improved, with a reduced risk of exposure to or contact with the chemicals. 

The SD 50 exists in Multi-Wash version. The desinfecting agent, in that case, is used many time and the unload of the desinfection cylinder will be directed to the desinfectant can. 
The SD 50 can also be proposed to be used with a glutaraldehyde based desinfectant.