Our activities for the INDUSTRY
PCB production :
From your electronic schematics we execute the routing and the the production of your PCB
From your Gerber and drilling files we produce your PCB.
Electronic Repair  -   Electronic Boards repair : 
We provide a service of Electronic boards repair.

Electronic Design     -   Electronic boards cloning : 
We are qualified to reproduce the functions of your old electronic board in order to produce an upgraded edition.

Mechanical design   -   Design and Production of special macchines or special equipments.
The UNI-BUS System
UNI-BUS is a programmable machine conceived to manage Input and Output elements in single bits mode. 128 elements can be placed on the bus. The signal is transmitted through a single pair wire. An API software reads a text file in order to interpret the differents orders to be executed.
Electronic Components SOURCING:
We offer our customers a service of Sourcing for a wide range of electronic components even for obslete components.
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